An Overview of the Company and its OwnerHelping Hands Housekeeping has been faithfully servicing customers since it’s inception in l982. The business was purchased as a sole proprietor by Brenda Smith in 1993. Before Helping Hands, Brenda graduated from ASU, raised two sons, traveled and worked in the corporate world for 20+ years.

We Respect Your Home & Time

When Brenda’s dream of being able to purchase a business happened she knew that a hands on service focusing on honesty and excellent customer service would be her cup of tea. Brenda’s small business is all about the passion of ‘home’ which began in her youth, when raising her family and still today home is a very important part of Brenda’s joy. Keeping your home your castle is our joy. Believe it or not we all love to clean, how great is that? Helping Hands offers a group of happy home cleaners dedicated to give you more precious free time because we understand today’s busy lifestyles and how very precious your free time is. Not only do we love being a small business, so you will always have the same professional cleaners each time, but we will always know you and your home.

Our Mission is Simple

We strive to provide an honest value to each and every customer, earning their trust while doing so, and to consistently provide a quality working wage and business relationship for each professional member of our team.