Errand Services

Your valuable time is precious and limited. Helping Hands incorporates a professional errand service designed to make your life more manageable. We are determined to eliminate the stress of today’s busy multitasking lifestyle.

It is difficult to stay on top of it all, between working a full day, running errands, juggling tasks and multi-responsibilities.

We are here to help and committed to making your life easier. Easily knock out your “to do” list with some professional personal assistance from Helping Hands.

Specialty Services Breakdown

Whether it’s a run to the local grocery, a stop by your pharmacy for that prescription you need or a trip to the post office, the time these necessary tasks consume adds up quickly. So, if you don’t have the time in your already busy schedule or are physically unable to address your “to do” list, we are here to lend a Helping Hand.

Shopping, Errand & To-Do List Solutions

Specialty Service Quotes

Real-Time Cleaning Quote Request

· Grocery shopping
· General shopping
· Gift wrapping
· Pick-up/deliver dry cleaning
· Film pick-up/delivery
· Prescription pick-up/delivery
· Pet Sitting and related errands
· Take pet to groomer or vet
· Mail packages/pick-up/send mail
· Bank deposits
· Bill paying/management
· Addressing/mailing thank you cards, invitations, etc.
· Auto wash, gas, repairs, oil changes, etc.
· DVD/media rental and return
· Be at your home for repairs, phone calls, service men, etc.
· Event Tickets: pick up/delivery, waiting in line, ordering online, etc.
· Schedule/manage appointments
· Vacation service: water plants, pick-up mail, paper, check home

· Serve at dinner party/clean-up after
· Full home or individual room organization

· Mon-Fri, 8am – 5pm: $30 hourly (2 hour min)
· Nights and weekends = premium fee +$15
· All related purchases not included in hourly fee